Street Cats of Vis : Helping People Help Cats

We were contacted about Billy as he had a badly broken leg that had a small piece of bone sticking out of the skin. It took a long time to catch him and the broken leg had healed by then, but he still needed the piece of protruding bone removed. Once that was done, he quickly recovered in the cathouse. 

Billy was born outside and had limited socializing as a kitten. Because of this he’s a bit scared of new people, but he’s getting better and better. When he meets someone new he’s nervous and might run away, but he’s never aggressive.

He’s very affectionate with people he knows, rubbing up against you and demanding attention. With a bit of time he’ll become a really cuddly cat. He’s still very much a kitten and loves to play: he’s so cheeky! He’s very curious and spends a lot of time watching, like he’s trying to figure something out. He’s a very special, smart cat.

Street Cats of Vis : Helping People Help Cats

So far he’s spent most of his life outside. However, because of his healed leg fractures, we think it’s best for him to have an indoor life. He’s often limping (still using the leg, but not properly) and his leg is off to a strange angle, but it doesn’t slow him down.

Billy is great with other cats: he’s very curious and playful, but also very respectful of them. He doesn’t get scared easily by other cats and will keep trying to make friends with them even if they’re not so sure. But he won’t make a fight: if it doesn’t work out to play he’ll leave, then try again later. He’s been so gentle, sweet and curious with the kittens, washing them and playing with them. He’s really social with other cats. 

During his convalescence, Billy became best friends with Felix, and we really don’t want to separate them. We hope to find them a good, loving home so they can stay together forever.

The ideal home would be quiet, with not too many visitors but with someone who wants a playful cat. Having some experience with cats would be a plus: because of Billy’s limited socializing, he can be difficult to get into a transporter to go see the vet. He’s always trying to open the transporter from inside, so you have to be careful he doesn’t escape. Leaving the transporter with him as part of everyday life helps make him more comfortable with it. 

– date of birth: approximately September 2022
– taken in on 24 April, 2023
– sterilized / vaccinated
– has a passport
– FIV negative
– for adoption with Felix

Contact us if you can give Billy a home.

Adoption photo by @earthsidestories 


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