Street Cats of Vis : Helping People Help Cats

Felix came to us with a terrible traumatic injury to his back right leg. Fur was missing, and all the skin had died, for reasons still unknown. Poor Felix had to stay at the vet’s for more than a month for treatment, but his leg was able to be saved, with skin and fur eventually growing back.

He’s very patient, considering that it’s been such a long recovery. He has a big appetite: he’ll finish his own food then move on to someone else’s, no problem! We call him a bulldozer because he’s always pushing to climb onto a lap for cuddles, no matter who else is already there.

Street Cats of Vis : Helping People Help Cats

Felix is charming, affectionate and makes super cute moves. He’s very social, not aggressive towards other cats, and even washes the kittens!

During their time convalescing together, Felix and Billy have become best friends. We really don’t want to separate them, so we’re hoping to find just the right loving home where they can stay together forever.

– date of birth: May 2021
– taken in on 30 March, 2023
– sterilized / vaccinated
– has a passport
– FIV negative
– for adoption with Billy

Contact us if you can give Felix a home.


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