Hi, I’m Špageti. I was rescued from an empty lot behind the post office with a brother and two sisters. We were found covered in spaghetti, so were dubbed the pasta crew and named after different types of pasta. We were cold, hungry, and looked pretty bad at first, but looked and felt much better after dinner and a bath.

We were really lucky to be able to stay in foster care and receive treatment for our eyes. My brother Ravioli and my sister Makaroni each had to have one eye removed and have become cute little pirates. My sister Noki‘s bad eye is still a bit cloudy, but mine are pretty much perfect now.

I need to find a good home, and would love for you to adopt me with my sister Noki. We hang out together all the time, know how to use the litter box, are cuddly once we get to know you, and would make great housecats!

Below is how we looked when we were first brought to foster care, after dinner and a bath. Left to right: Ravioli, me in the back, Makaroni front and center, and Noki, hiding behind me. So much better now, right? That’s what love can do…