Street Cats of Vis : Helping People Help Cats

Zi came to us completely blind and unsociable. Despite receiving 10 eye drops per day for several months, he had to have both eyes removed as they were getting progressively worse, causing him pain and he still had no vision. Sadly, he also tested positive for FIV. With treats he’s slowly learning that people can be good.

Street Cats of Vis : Helping People Help Cats

Zi is very gentle regardless of how scared he is. He’ll hiss, but never tries to bite or scratch. He needs a quiet, stable, loving home where things don’t change much. Although Zi has come to trust and appreciate people as he understands where all the good treats come from, he doesn’t cuddle or enjoy being touched. He plays with toys that make sound he can follow.

– date of birth: approximately September 2022
– taken in on 3 May, 2023
– sterilized / vaccinated
– FIV positive

Contact us if you can give Zi a home.


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