Street Cats of Vis : Helping People Help Cats


If you’d like to help us help cats from afar, the best way is to donate! Choose any of the options below.

direct to bank

This is our preferred method for receiving donations, because the money comes directly to our dedicated cat bank account in Croatia and can be used immediately. Wise is a good money transfer portal you can use from outside Croatia.

Donations can be in euros or any other currency. The account is under Little Shiva’s legal name, Anna Christina Trotter.

Erste Bank
IBAN: HR35 2402 0063 1041 0425 5


Until we find a payment processing gateway that will link to our cat bank account in Croatia, donorbox will process your payment via Stripe or PayPal and send it to Little Shiva’s US bank account. This is a bit more of a hassle for us, but OK . . . 

To donate via donorbox, click here.

donations of food and supplies

If you’d like to help us help cats by donating food and/or supplies, please check out our wishlist on You can order online and have the donation delivered to us on Vis. If you have any questions before you order, just contact us

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