Luka Oman of Animal Friends Croatia wrote this letter to the mayor of Vis in 2014.

Animal Friends Croatia

SPLIT VETS – an incomplete list: contact us to let us know about others you like.

Anima : 021 278 311 : Velebitska 51

Pet Vet : 021 781 914 : Velebitska 70

Pilić099 467 9999 : Matice Hrvatske 10

Raunig : 021 488 700 : Rooseweltova 1

Vet Vision : 021 384 600 : Trg hrvatske bratske zajednice 2

CRES CAT RESCUE – an inspiring citizen-run TNR program


Francesca Walker is on the front lines, boots on the ground. This site was built by Little Shiva with photos by Lily Belle Hellicar. Many thanks to everyone else who participates in caring for the street cats of Vis.

Seeking loving homes

Life’s hard for the street cats of Vis. There’s currently no vet on the island and no infrastructure to care for community cats. Street Cats of Vis is an all-volunteer effort to organize resources in order to help people help cats. The street cats we feature for adoption have been in our care, are socialized, sterilized (if they’re old enough) and are seeking loving homes. Wherever you live, we can help you through the process of adopting one or more of these lovable cats or kittens. Ready to start? Contact us at

We appreciate your support.

True story

Street Cats of Vis : Helping People Help Cats