Street Cats of Vis : Helping People Help Cats

Hi, I’m Itsy. My sister Bitsy and I were being fostered on Vis with five other kittens and were only going to stay a short while before going somewhere else to be fostered while waiting to find forever homes. We were all looking forward to the adventure, but I got sick and couldn’t travel, so the others had to leave without me. I was so sad! The lady who was taking care of me had another cat she thought might be lonesome all alone, so when I got better, she introduced us. Her cat didn’t hate me, so the lady let me stay. Now I have a forever home and a new playmate! 

That’s me and my sister in the pic with the red background. She got lucky and found a good home too. The video is me with my adopted big sister, X (pronounced French-style, eeks).

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