It takes a community to care for community cats! Here are some of the people and organizations who inspire and help us. Would you like to help too? Just click the button to get started.

About Us

Street Cats of Vis was founded in June 2018 by designer / illustrator Little Shiva; she was joined by Francesca Walker in August 2019. Francesca works for the SPCA NZ and has volunteered for their National Rescue Unit, which specializes in technical animal rescue (dogs off cliffs, large animals, animals trapped in dangerous confined spaces). We’re grateful for all the people who have contributed to caring for the street cats of Vis and look forward to meeting others who are passionate and want to get involved.

Street Cats of Vis : Helping People Help Cats

The Town of Vis

A group of local women successfully petitioned the mayor of Vis to acquire funding for the sterilization of street cats. Funding was granted in Feb. 2020.

Animal Friends Croatia

Luka Oman of Animal Friends Croatia wrote this letter to the mayor of Vis in 2014. A Vis vet clinic had been promised for years, and finally opened on May 12, 2021. For now it’s just one day per week, but that’s better than nothing.

Cres Cat Rescue

This is an inspiring citizen-run TNR program.

Lapko Rescue

A rescue near Trogir

Vis vet

As of May 12, 2021, Vet Vision operates one day per week from their new Vis clinic in Mali samogor : 098 392 770 / 021 384 600

Split vets

This is an incomplete list: contact us to let us know about others you like.

Anima : 021 278 311 : Velebitska 51

Pet Vet : 021 781 914 : Velebitska 70

Pilić099 46 799 99 : Matice Hrvatske 10

Raunig : 021 488 700 : Rooseweltova 1

SplitVet : 091 20 000 98 : Ul. Frana Supila 50

Vet Vision : 021 384 600 : Trg hrvatske bratske zajednice 2