On Friday, May 17, 2019, at around 10:30 in the morning, this street cat was shot by some sicko with an airgun in the center of Vis, probably from a window. He came limping home looking angry and confused, and went to lie down in the box on the terrace where he always slept. There was a tiny hole in his left front leg, up near the shoulder, with a bit of blood. It would be hours until the next ferry to Split, but there was no doubt he had to go. By the time he got to the vet it was almost 6pm.

An X-ray revealed that the cat had been shot with an airgun. The humerus was broken, and it would require expensive surgery to fix. Plus it was Friday, so the cat would have to stay there until Monday, waiting. When he finally came home, convalescence was long and slow. He was adopted by a couple in Belgium, transported there with the help of a couple of their friends, and lives indoors now. They call him Levis: he’s happy and well-loved. So the story has a happy ending, but he still limps a bit

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