Welli was found living at the rubbish dump known as Wellington. Due to her advanced state of pregnancy, poor health and remote location, we decided to take her in to give her and her kittens a chance at a good life.

While looking through old photos, we discovered something incredible: Welli was raised on our land in 2017 (along with Sister Mimi) but disappeared in late summer, never to be seen again until we found her at the dump!

Home on the land on 1 July 2017

In the nursery on 25 March 2020

At Wellington on 4 November 2019

At Wellington on 4 November 2019

In the nursery on March 26 2020

As we can’t get to the mainland due to the coronavirus, our regular vet kindly shipped treatment over on the ferry. Welli was treated for worms, fleas and ticks, and is currently being treated for cat flu. She’s also on a special diet, is being kept warm and is getting lots of attention while she waits for her kittens.

Devastating news on March 27 2020

Sadly, our reunion with Welli was short-lived. Her health seemed to be improving, but something happened overnight. She was having a harder and harder time breathing, and this morning she quickly passed away.

We’re devastated, and are more committed than ever to helping the cats at the dump. We’ll never know how Welli ended up there, but are glad we were able to give her one last week of love and bury her on the land where she grew up. Here’s a video of her happy kittenhood. We love you, Welli.

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