Hello: I’m vacationing on Vis island. Today I saw some cats with bad eye infections. I wanted to help, so I asked people where the vet clinic was, but was told there’s no vet on the island. Then I found you: can you do something to help these cats? — Ana Maria Vanderghem

This is the type of message we get regularly from people visiting the island, people who are dismayed by the sad condition of cats on Vis. Rescue work involves following up on these messages, finding the cats, determining whether or not someone is already taking care of them, then seeing what we can do to help. We also have a facebook group where people can report cats in need of help. 

The first step is catching them: some are friendly, some are scared, and some are completely feral. Next, we bring them to wherever we can keep them in a controlled environment for the time needed to give them medication, or to hold them before a trip to the vet in Split. Sometimes they need cleaning: a recent batch of kittens rescued from behind the post office were covered in spaghetti, of all things, and needed a bath. Strengthening the network of people who can help with this work is one of our primary goals.   

Seeking loving homes

Life’s hard for the street cats of Vis. There’s currently no vet on the island and no infrastructure to care for community cats. Street Cats of Vis is an all-volunteer effort to organize resources in order to help people help cats. The street cats we feature for adoption have been in our care, are socialized, sterilized (if they’re old enough) and are seeking loving homes. Wherever you live, we can help you through the process of adopting one or more of these lovable cats or kittens. Ready to start? Contact us at streetcatsofvis@gmail.com.

We appreciate your support.

True story

Street Cats of Vis : Helping People Help Cats