Street Cats of Vis : Helping People Help Cats

What makes a cat a candidate for adoption? Not every street cat is socialized, so the wild ones are of course best released where we found them after sterilizing. We always keep kittens or try to find foster care for them if our space is full, and for other street cats, we have to decide who to take in based on how urgently they need special care.

Once we take a cat into our care and invest time and resources into making sure that cat is as healthy and happy as possible, we’re very careful about finding the perfect home for that cat. If the cat has bonded with another cat in our care, we try to find them a home together.

If the cat has special needs, we don’t release them until we find someone who has time and resources to dedicate to the cat’s ongoing care. It’s all about getting the right fit between the cat, the person adopting and the new environment.

This process isn’t easy, and it takes months: usually three months minimum, and sometimes much longer. It involves many vet visits and time spent socializing the cat. For cats being adopted elsewhere in Europe, it also requires secure transportation.

If you’re looking to adopt or can help with any part of the adoption process, please contact us at or on social media.

The cat pictured here is Billy, who’s looking for a home with his best friend Felix. Click on their links to read their stories, and check out our other cats for adoption here.

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