Rescuing, fostering and sterilizing take a lot of time, energy and resources: naturally, after all that work, we’d love to see each cat we’ve cared for find a loving home.

Unfortunately, cats and kittens who aren’t adopted have to be released back to the street, where they scavenge to survive and try to avoid being poisoned, drowned, shot, removed from their home territory and dumped elsewhere on the island, or worse. 

If you’re able to adopt or assist with transport, please contact us by email. 

This is Nurani, one of the owners of Ćiri Bili Bela in Split, with the white kitten she adopted and named Dobby. He’d been found wandering around near the ferry landing, dirty and with badly sunburnt ears. After cleaning, medication and some time out of the sun, he was ready to go to his forever home!

Seeking loving homes

Life’s hard for the street cats of Vis. There’s currently no vet on the island and no infrastructure to care for community cats. Street Cats of Vis is an all-volunteer effort to organize resources in order to help people help cats. The street cats we feature for adoption have been in our care, are socialized, sterilized (if they’re old enough) and are seeking loving homes. Wherever you live, we can help you through the process of adopting one or more of these lovable cats or kittens. Ready to start? Contact us at

We appreciate your support.

True story

Street Cats of Vis : Helping People Help Cats